AnJi DaZhi Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Anji Dazhi Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Anji Dazhi Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design, production and sales of office furniture business, and has a standard modern industrial plant 33,000 square feet. Company founder and grow ten ten in the Spring and Autumn achievement, "Heroes Parkson" "Big Zhi-Ming Sheng" professional brand, a professional furniture manufacturing enterprise.

Dazhi furniture passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, for many years been rated AAA credit enterprises, was born in the rigorous quality, every process, ambitions are strictly grasp, meticulous, is beginning to create quality, good product means - consumption is the maximum authorized. The business is committed to adhering to the "first-class enterprises, first-class reputation, first-class service" spirit of enterprise, and gradually formed a "choice of materials, fine workmanship, style fashion, color Qingli, affordable," the unique style.

Based on now, look to the future, a vibrant refinement in our eyes, the companies which have firm confidence. For enterprises to provide better opportunities and vitality. We will closely follow the pace of the times, as always, the pursuit of high-quality realm of life, try to create a beautiful style of the office environment. Enthusiasm and all walks of life to join hands and create brilliant.

company culture

Dazhi Furniture presents a classic creative style with its unique modern fashion, novelty, and elegance. While adhering to traditional styles, it is in line with international design trends. Whether in terms of lines and curves, it shapes a fashionable style. In the use of colors, it shows a more delicate and orchid heart, either cold and unrestrained, or simple and bright, allowing points, lines, and surfaces to present a unique and domineering style in elegance and extension.


Since its establishment, Dazhi Furniture has regarded quality as the soul of enterprise survival and development, and standardized production is the top priority of product quality. Every product of Dazhi Baisheng comes from professional technical means and the pursuit of excellence in work quality. We always adhere to the quality standards of "high standards, refinement, and zero defects", and strictly control every process, achieving excellent professional quality of Dazhi Baisheng.


Dazhi Furniture has launched comprehensive integrated and thoughtful services: honest and pragmatic, sincere and beautiful, complete and meticulous. The professional service of the expert team, the attentive listening of customer consultants, and the high-quality and fast problem-solving of technical personnel. Customer satisfaction and market recognition are our greatest satisfaction, and customer success equals our success.